Positive Forward Progress

Just a brief thought this morning:

I have many pieces of paper taped to my computer, my walls, pinned to a pullet in board and under plastic on my desk.  They are motivational to me.  I can’t tell you why one ends up one place and another ends up somewhere else.  It may be due to size or shape, when they “joined” my collection or perhaps the subject.  I really haven’t taken much time to figure that out.  Maybe I should, but that seems like procrastinating from something else…like a task I don’t want to do or I am afraid of doing.  Which is another subject for another day…

When I sat down with my coffee to read email and blogs this morning, I noticed one of these quotes that I attached to my computer.  I admit, I don’t really notice them very often anymore, as they have been there so long.  One of them says: “Constant Forward Progress!!!” I no longer have any idea where the saying came from, as I did not write the source on the paper, so I cannot give credit where it is due.  My first thought this morning was “no, not just constant progress…it has to be positive forward progress.”  The constant part is nice, but the important part is the positive.  It doesn’t matter if I take a breather and stall out for a few hours, or even for a day, as long as I just stall and don’t go backwards.

So, I will be changing that slip of paper today…and reassessing some of the other ones.  I am thinking that this is Positive Forward Progress!


5 thoughts on “Positive Forward Progress

  1. momfawn

    My desk sounds a bit like yours, as far as the post-its are concerned. I have this habit of writing snippets of ideas on them, or definitions of words, and just leaving them all over the place. As a confirmed Pollyanna, I heartily approve of Positive Constant Progress. Thinking good thoughts for you today. I hope you find food for positivity at PhotoFunWithFawn. – Fawn


    1. praw27 Post author

      Fawn, I’ve tried creating a folder in the computer for all the “snippets” but it just isn’t the same. I can’t see them and then I don’t get the same pleasure at being “tugged” by them when I see the all the time! Thanks for the good thoughts, always appreciated and heart-fully received! Sending you the positive energy you need for today… Yes, I find much enjoyment with both of your blogs! Phyl



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