The Best in My Corner of the World, What About Yours?

Today has me thinking about all the genuinely GOOD people in the world. I’m not sure why this has come into my mind so strongly today, however it is here and it is screaming at me! Maybe it is because I am so very thankful for the people in my life who reach out to me.  But it is more global than that today, there are really so many great people in the WORLD doing really fantastic things for others!  There is so much focus on the negative crap that players are doing, that the positive gets lost in the fine print, if it gets printed at all.  I can’t write about all the positive things happening everywhere, so I will write about a few of them in my small corner of the universe.

Lots of people, I suppose, say they have the “best” friends. And I would hope that they are correct. For in my life I am sure that I have the BEST friends! I am very lucky indeed that I have such wonderful people in my life…someone who would drive 2.5 hours to pick me up, drive another 2 hours to an appointment, then turn around and take me home so they could then drive home.  And do this every week, or was that twice a week?  Of course, at the last appointment, my friend literally saved my life…something I can never repay! And, let’s not forget another friend who stopped her life a year ago to care for me…what was supposed to be a week turned into at least three, or was it four?  Many friends helped out at that time and I would not have made it without them…I am indeed very lucky.

Day-to-day, I have friends and family who call just to chat, who help out with projects I can’t quite handle on my own, or at all, and who stop by with smiles and treats when I need some of both.  I am very blessed in my life, even though there are times I get caught up in the negatives of pain and struggles that I feel I can’t control. So while I say “Thank You” so very often and I think I have so little to give back to all those who make my days brighter, I am hoping that I am a positive in their lives also. I hope someday I will be able to tangibly return their kindness to me, but if I don’t, I know that they will continue to do what they do! For that is their character and how they are made!  For that I am blessed!

My fervent wish for you is that you can take a few moments and clear out the negativity of your day;  to focus on the positives and the ways you are blessed in your life.  If you feel so inclined, I’d love to read about them in the comments below, as I find that writing them down makes them even more real.  It is very difficult to think about the negative when you are writing about the positive!


3 thoughts on “The Best in My Corner of the World, What About Yours?

  1. Holistic Wayfarer

    We could all use starting our day with a post like this. =) So happy to know you have such angels by your side. I have had my share.

    One of my earilest posts:

    There are people whose kindness you want to pay back. But though you try, your thanks often just do not seem to make it, seem to reach them. In God’s economy, you end up paying it forward. (Might I add, to those who in turn, cannot pay you back.)

    Keep shining.




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