What’s in a Name?

Isn’t the most difficult place to start always at the beginning?  At least it has been for me!  For every talk and every paper and short story and poem I have ever written, I have always struggled with the beginning.  But I am past that now and very cleverly done, at least I am hoping it was clever. I decided I would start this on January 1st, of last year, and then talked myself out of it.  Well, I did it for awhile, I just did not publish it, so I really did not accomplish what I wanted.  So today I heard that the 6th is the day most people give up their New Year’s Resolutions…my thought was I guess I should start one.  So here I am, starting one of my resolutions. So, What’s in a Name?  I entitled my non-blog “Musings” last year and I want to continue that.  I also want to add to it, but could not decide on the right word to put with it, and words are what this is all about.  After doing some research, I found that the word “mast” is defined as “food” in Old High German, according to Dictionary.com.  This fits right is with “musings” which is synonymous with “thoughts” according to thesaurus.com.  Works out very well, I think.  I am hoping to give all of you who read this blog, some food for thought.  I spend a lot of my day thinking about all kinds of things: useful and not so useful; amusing and frightening; and, for the most part, just things I observe as I go through my day.  I am very excited to share some of my observations and my thoughts with each of you! And I am also excited to hear your responses, so feel free to comment.


4 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. dhonour

    I love word play. Seriously, I live for it. The fact that you put a lot of thought into something, like a blog name or the name of a child or a pet or your shoes (who cares?!) means that it’s something you care about. Thanks for choosing to follow Wine and Cheese (Doodles) and best of luck with Mast Musings. Food for thought, indeed.


  2. Lu

    You do know this is Shakesperean (sp) ? The play is the thing and the what’s in a name…. had to give a speech in senior english… enlightening . A number of individuals found out how to spell my last name to start. The good news it began their thoughts churning, just as you seem to want also… Take care and lets continue!!



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